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John Catterson (@jfcatto) and Pete Whiting (@mr_van_w) are two Australian Flipped Educators. Together they talk education, pedagogy and current practice. Find more of Pete and John: Website - YouTube - YouTube -
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Jul 20, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) return from the winter holiday to discuss FlipCon NZ the Flipped Classroom and teachers using Twitter to build a Professional Learning Network.   



Flip Your Classroom - John Bergman and Aaron Sams 



3 Things Teachers Can Do To Get More Out of Twitter - Karen Nelson 



Jun 20, 2017

In an uplifting episode of the podcast, John (@jfcatto) talks about some of the traits that can be found in the "best" and "worst" teachers. Pete (@mr_van_w) talks briefly about ways in which to get students to think in the classroom.   




John: The 'Best' and 'Worst' Teachers, According to Reddit - Brenda Iasevoli 


Pete: Cultures of Thinking: Project Zero - Ron Ritchardt 

via Ryan Gill (@ryanagill) & Carla Gagliano (@carlagagliano)

Project Zero Sydney (#pzsyd)

Jun 8, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) highlights the lack of flexibility and possible victim blaming of school uniforms. John (@jfcatto) worries that exam stress may be completely unnecessary and pose little benefit to teaching and learning at a whole. Then Pete leaves everyone on a downer with a new study showing the worryingly high rate of teacher suicide.  



Pete: My conservative school uniform does not protect me - Jacqueline Rousselot 


John: Majority of teenagers have cried due to exam stress, poll finds 


Pete: Primary school teachers' suicide rate nearly double national average, figures reveal - May Bulman 

Jun 1, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) calmly deals with the downfall and reinstating of Healthy Harold before asking; what are we expected to teach at school? John (@jfcatto) then replaces the outdated concept of digital natives with three further tech subsets of modern students.   



Pete: Australian 15-year-olds declining in financial literacy PISA report - Pallavi Singhal 


John: Forget "digital natives." Here's how kids are really using the internet - Alexandra Samuel 


May 25, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) is back and unsurprisingly primed for a rant despite feinting to the contrary. He then espouses the benefits of corporate-speak in the classroom. John (@jfcatto) discusses the complicated issue of specialty teachers in primary education.

Spoilers: Together the solve "Australia's Primary Challenge" #yourewelcome 



Pete: Why My Classroom Needs A Mission Statement - Joel Speranza (@JoelBSperanza) 


John: Time For Teacher Educators to Step Up on Primary Specialisation - Jacqueline Magee (Learning First) 

Affirmative: Should We Have More Specialist Teachers in Primary Education? - Greg Ashman 

Negative: Secondary Science and Maths Teachers in Primary Schools are Not the Solution - Dr Charlotte Pezaro 


May 20, 2017

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) is busy, so John (@jfcatto) is carried through the podcast by first year teacher, colleague and regular listener Rich Watkins (@Cambourne26).  


John: Where is the evidence to support differentiation? - Greg Ashman 

Rich: Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks and Focused-Attention Practices - Lori Desautels 



May 11, 2017

In an episode discussing the dangers of taking absolute and polar opinion; Pete (@mr_van_w) talks about the Michaela School and the torrents of vitriol that are directed at the school and more importantly the staff. John (@jfcatto) presents a point of view that he surprisingly doesn't agree with.



Pete: I reject your experiences and substitute my own - Mark Johnson (@markxsyst) 

John: Are Progressive Teaching Methods A Bit Like Fast Food? - Andy Warner  

May 4, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) continues talking about the politicisation of education on the release of Gonski 2.0. John (@jfcatto) brings to the podcast some hard evidence about the benefits of 1:1 computers in Science whilst trying not to mention the DER.




Pete: "A range of articles that quote slightly different numbers"


John: Direct link between teaching and learning with laptops and HSC results in Biology, Chemistry and Physics - Simon Crook 


Apr 26, 2017

John (@jfcatto) looks at some of the ways you can tell if Personalised Learning is working in your classroom. Pete (@mr_van_w) laments the end of the Safe Schools program and discusses the politicisation of education.



John: 3 Simple Ways You Can Tell If You're Suceeding Wityh Personalized Learning - Lee Watanabe Crockett 

Pete: Safe Schools program ditched in NSW, to be replaced by wider anti-bullying plan - Nour Haydor 

Apr 14, 2017

After some catching up after missing out on recording an Ep last week, John (@jfcatto) talks about some of the enthralling tabletop games CIA recruits get to play. Pete (@mr_van_w) talks about L3 and other one-size-fits-all solutions sold to schools by corporate interests. 



 John: The CIA Uses Board Games to Train Officers - and I Got To Play Them - Sam Machkovech  

Pete: What We Can Learn From the L3 Debacle - Greg Ashman 

Mar 31, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) is amazed that there are teachers that still believe in learning styles and John (@jfcatto) tries to see the half-full cup in everyone and other "hippy nonsense".





Pete: Letting Go of Learning Styles - Amber & Andy Ankowski 

John: Assuming Positive Intent - Laura Thomas  

Mar 23, 2017

For a change John (@jfcatto) and Pete (@mr_van_w) bring in a couple of good news stories. Well kind of good news.





Students in Countries with High Religiosity Perform Lower in Science and Mathematics - Gijsbert Stoet & David Geary 

Why the Most Successful Students Have No Passion For School - Jihyun Lee 


Pete: Students Today, Employees Tomorrow - Kristie Kellahan 


Mar 17, 2017

At the end of a busy week for everyone:

John (@jfcatto) discusses the difference between coding thinking and thinking coding. Whilst Pete (@mr_van_w) bemuses slipping enrollment for private schools.  


John: In Finland Kids Learn Computer Science Without Computers - Emily Deruy 

Honourable mention: @linjdaliukas 

Pete: Private Schools are losing their magnetic pull 



Mar 9, 2017

John (@jfcatto) questions whether we are using technology to substitute or redefine teaching methods and Pete (@mr_van_w) embraces International Women's Day by raising the issue of the lack of girls choosing to learn Science #womanoftheyear 



John: Are We Innovating or Just Digitising Traditional Teaching - Beth Holland


Pete: Girls and Science a Dream Deferred - Ainissa Ramirez 

Mar 2, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) critiques a woman he knows nothing about for doing the right thing and speaking up about problems in education and John (@jfcatto) imagines a scenario where we taught how to play baseball as inappropriately as we teach how to do Science. 



Pete: The Way We Teach Our Children Is Truly Crazy - Elizabeth Farrelly @emfarrelly 

John: Why Isn't Science Class More Like Learning to Play Baseball? - Alison Gopnik 

Feb 21, 2017

John (@jfcatto) brings in a few ways to prepare students for jobs that don't yet exist and Pete (@mr_van_w) discusses the newly released NSW Syllabus. 



John: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet - David Dodge 


Pete: Stage 6 Syllabuses - NSW Education Standards Authority 

Feb 15, 2017

John (@jfcatto) talks about meaningful home-learning tasks and this week Pete (@mr_van_w) brings in a listicle with tips for new teachers. 



John: Homework vs. No Homework is the Wrong Question - Maurice Elias 


Pete: How to Survive in Teaching 

Feb 1, 2017

John (@jfcatto) brings in a listicle about building a growth mindset and Pete (@mr_van_w) recommends a podcast about teachers admitting they make mistakes.




John: Helping Struggling Students Build a Growth Mindset - Marcus Conyers & Donna Wilson


Pete: My Bad Podcast - BAM! Radio Network 

Jan 23, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) decides that two straight white men should fix the problem of apparent sexism in the workplace. After fixing that, John (@jfcatto) looks at some persistent yet incorrect ideas that are often seen as magic bullets for fixing education.  




Pete: Still Fewer Women in Positions of Leadership - Australian Bureau of Statistics 


John: 5 Big Ideas in Education That Don't Work - Anya Kamenetz 

Jan 23, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) decides that two straight white men should fix the problem of apparent sexism in the workplace. After fixing that, John (@jfcatto) looks at some persistent yet incorrect ideas that are often seen as magic bullets for fixing education.  




Pete: Still Fewer Women in Positions of Leadership - Australian Bureau of Statistics 


John: 5 Big Ideas in Education That Don't Work - Anya Kamenetz 

Jan 19, 2017

John (@jfcatto) discusses the DITCH book and Pete (@mr_van_w) talks about using Twitter to connect with like-minded souls and build a PLN.



John: DITCH That Textbook - Matt Miller 


Pete:  Using Twitter to build a Personal Learning Network 

Tags to watch: #NZFlipChat, #FlippedLearning, #FlipClass, #EDChat, #AussieED, #SatChat, #PTChat, #ECTChat   



Jan 3, 2017

John (@jfcatto) depresses us all with more tales of standardised testing and Pete (@mr_van_w) pulls us out of that hole with use games to enhance reading and writing.



John: Behind Singapore's PISA rankings success and why other countries may not want to join in the race - Amanda Wise 



Pete:  Books-to-Games: Turning Classic Novels into Role Playing Adventures - Ki Sung


Honourable Mention: Teaching in Higeher Ed Podcast 



Dec 20, 2016

Pete (@mr_van_w) finds a new tool for learning gamificaton and John (@jfcatto) talks about classrooms that look more like coffee shops.



Pete: GOBLIN (Games Offer Bold Insights Nowadays) - OU Center for Teacher Excellence ( 

Keegan Long-Wheeler (@KeeganSLW) 

John Stewert (@jstew511) 

Honourable mention: Ken Bauer @ken_bauer 


John:  Does Classroom of the future look more like a coffee shop? - Suzanne Perez Tobias 


Dec 12, 2016

John (@jfcatto) talks about curriculum design while Pete (@mr_van_w) rages about "quality" teaching and phonics.  



John:  4Dimensional Flipping: Setting the Stage for Learning Vital 21st Century Skills - Steve Griffiths (@sciencesteveg)


Pete: Phonics in a Post Truth Age -  Corinne Campbell (@corisel)




Dec 2, 2016

Pete (@mr_van_w) is joined by special "Guest John" Matt Smedley (@smedboule) to talk about Flipped revision, Veedback and the "No-tech inflip?".


Matt Smedley's Smeducation


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